Concrete Pools Perth. Why are we different? Ask to speak with some of our clients! Our website photos are actually our projects.

We only build Concrete Pools in Perth Western Australia, and the person who sells the pool is the same person who manages and builds the pool. With two hands on directors, your project is under our direct control from start to finish.

Because we build it, we can explain the “why” and “how” at any stage, so you get real and honest advice.

We offer superior workmanship and attention to detail that results in a premium product.

We aim to be the concrete pool builder you will recommend to your friends and family for their Perth based projects.

Why does this matter? Concrete Pools are not all the same!

Because building a concrete pool in Perth is not an apples for apples product based on a specification list. A small difference in price can be found in extra detailed works by specialist trades, not labourers, better materials, onsite Directors and the effort required to make a project shine. We don’t use salesmen who need a commission— who over promise and under deliver—often disappearing once the sale is made.

Our way is to deal direct with you—the client.  This way, information is not double handled or lost in the system.

Knowing about potential problems with integrating various products—we will not just say ‘yes it will be fine’ just to get the sale.

Including everything you need at point of sale even at the risk of giving you a quote that seems higher.

We don’t offload works to 3rd parties. We maintain control over the works on your site. When you need an answer or integration with other onsite works— you can get a direct and prompt reply.

Happily give you the pros and cons to the design and functionality.

What do we do? Build the best concrete pools in Perth!

Try to make things as uncomplicated and easy to use as possible, with an ultimate goal for a happy client.

We operate largely on referral work. A happy customer telling a friend is so important for trust.

Being at your house, in your personal space is a big deal. We love what we do and we have young families ourselves—we respect our clients house and property.

Using great products that we have come to trust over the years. We can use custom products that you have found too.

A Western Australian owned family business.





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