We can quote your project from plans you have already had drawn up. Sketch your ideal pool onto your siteplan and send it to us via email or post.

Design consultation – we can come to site, measure up – brainstorm and design your pool so it best suits your site / budget and needs – enquire about the cost. 

You can get copies of your house plans from the shire for a small fee. We will need these for the design and quoting stage as well as submission to engineer and shire for the approvals later on.

What is included in our standard quote?

Everything you need for a fully functioning pool!

• Design, shire application and standard engineering

• Excavation and backfill on sandy level site with realistic provisional allowance

• Steel reinforced concrete pool shell

• Waterco skimmer box (best skimmer around  -why? Stronger  -neater finish with tiling on the face) with 50mm

suction line to pump (good flow)

• Plumbing and return jet outlets (quality Spa electrics nozzles look better and neater!)

• Astral Sand Filter or Cartridge filter (depends on pool size and space requirements, we can explain each ones merits)

• Astral CTX premium pool pump

• Saltigem Salt chlorinator and timeclock (Made in WA – Balcatta)

• LED Spa Electrics Underwater Light and transformer (we use LED single colour as standard now – no more changing halogen bulbs!)

• 200x200mm ceramic tiling 1 row perimeter  – laid to a laser level to ensure perfection (We recommend looking at Ceramic Tile Supplies)

• FreoStone 600×300 squarenose capping to the pool edge

• Bullnose step treads on all step and seat edges  – non slip and neat finish

• Rainbow Quartz brand Sandy Beach plaster for consistent quality and superior finish (all colours available)

• Manual pool cleaning equipment  – vac head, hose, leaf scoop, brush, 4 in 1 test kit, pole

• Full demonstration and handover includes initial chemical treatment

What sorts of things are optional?

• Solar heating provision pipes from the pool to pump area and to the house

Backwash connection or soakwells – if you choose sand filter you need to dispose of 1000L water monthly

Mosaic tile perimeter instead of ceramic tiles – we need to render the perimeter, lay tiles and then grout

Pool blanket options – pool blankets, above ground rollers and underground boxes depending on needs and budget

Light upgrades  – LED ultra low voltage colour changing lights if this is your thing! You can uplight your waterfeature too!

Fully automatic chlorination systems like Chemigem (liquid Chlorine/pH doser) or Mineral XLS low salt systems – our favourite!

Water features – completely customised for your pool

Electric heating/heat pumps – Like a reverse cycle air conditioner for your pool – these can take small amounts of heat from the air even in cooler weather and convert it to heat your pool. Ranging from 1.5kW right up to 5+kW when sized right they can heat year round.

Solar heating 

Gas heating

Spa jets – Manual or push button venturi spa jets can be fitted to any seat area you desire for relaxation

Pool Cleaners – Robotic cleaners to scrub and clean

What can vary a standard job?

Excavation – We allow a realistic estimation based on how many loads away are required and take into consideration any site specifics like narrow access or dig with excavator. We cannot know whats in store underground but do our best to dig your soil as economically as possible. Less than 2m x 2m high access means we cant use a standard bobcat so a mini bobcat may be needed to dig then ferry soil to the front yard where its removed to truck by a bigger bobcat. If there is less than 1.2m access then a “hand dig” may be required using a tiny excavator and wheelbarrows. This can add $2,500 for a small pool and $5,000 for an average size pool. A typical pool dig and backfill costs around $2,500 including taking away the clean sand – so we make sure this is included in your contract. Tip fees are generally not included for any dig and its assumed the sand is clean. We try our best to find a free dump site within 10km but if its not available we may have to pay fees to tip even clean sand OR cart it further to a free site – both of which cost additional and its hard to tell until we are digging as these sites change daily. You can monitor Gumtree for clean fill wanted too around the time of your dig as the closer the better and cheaper for you!

Lawn and garden removal – tip fees for greenwaste and bobcat removal of a pool size amount of lawn can add around $1,000 to your excavation which is not included as standard. Additional provisions can be made.

Rocky or difficult digging, disposing of anything other than clean fill

Close to building boundary adds some extra steel and concrete costs for thicker load bearing walls – also may require the addition of chemical grout stabilisation – injected into the sand to keep houses/walls/fences from caving in – allow $600 per lineal metre.

Any specifications chosen to enhance your pool like waterfeatures, spa jets, lighting options etc.

Large bench seats, complicated shapes

But don’t worry  – we let you know if we can foresee any issues and quote accordingly so you know where you stand and how to budget your project.

What do pools cost?

Each pool varies depending on site condition and access, size of pool and proximity to structures and boundaries. So you want a ballpark?

7m x 3m rectangular design 1m to 1.6m deep with everything included as above to be built at least the depth of pool away from buildings and boundaries with good access for a standard bobcat  – around  $40,000 incl G.S.T.

The same pool with an additional 3m x 3m section that wraps an alfresco, with 7m additional steel and concrete thickening to account for alfresco piers, extra light etc. is around $48,000 incl G.S.T.

Most of our clients budget an additional $10,000 –  $20,000 on top of the standard pool quote for pool options like pool colour, automation, waterfeatures, lighting, some paving and glass fencing. This is not a requirement but should factor into your budgeting if you want something nicer than a standard pool.

Why have we put ballpark costs online?

Because its the main question asked. Concrete pool building is not an apples for apples product and much more goes into building one than other products like fibreglass and liner pools. On top of that, all concrete pool builders were not created equal! We are not the cheapest quote and we will not compete with high volume builders. We  commit to provide quality workmanship and tradespeople, and to spend the time on your job that is required for a  superior finish. 10% less on a quote usually means cheaper less experienced labour, cheaper materials, less time on the job and management who are employees not employers.

The advantages of concrete over the rest is generally its versatility, strength and a construction finish that blends in with your project and landscaping. Concrete is generally more expensive than fibreglass do to its onsite handcrafting and solid materials. As such a starting budget of around $40,000 is required for even a smaller concrete pool as a scale of economy does not start until around a 7m x 3m pool.

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