Why not relax to the tranquil sounds of a personalized water feature. Add style and dimension to your project with a water wall on your new pool or a standalone water feature.

Integrating a water feature into the project is easy and acts as the focal point, it can distract from a plain boring fence line and add ambient trickle sound or a sheet of water effect.

Lighting can be added to show texture and water flow at night and garden beds can be used to frame the wall with vegetation.

Don’t have room for a pool or spa, or simply don’t care for one? Water features can be completely stand alone in your courtyard and have all the ‘bells and whistles’.

They can be built nice and compact if that’s required and the water reservoir can be hidden and child proofed or act as a pond feature.

Standalone water features can even be built apart from your pool—say at the edge of your alfresco—but be treated and pumped using the new pool’s equipment and water, saving on double ups of pumping and filtration gear.


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